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A party without music is like a wedding without the bride and groom: there’s definitely something missing. At First Priority Music in The Hague, music is top priority. DJs, private individuals and companies hosting a party can rent all kinds of equipment from us to make their events a sensation. What's more, we offer the most competitive prices.

Hey, DJ!

You can rent and buy all the equipment you need for an outstanding night on the decks from First Priority Music at the most competitive prices. We deliver the equipment to the party location, at the agreed time. If you’re not so crazy about setting up and dismantling, we’ll take care of all that too!

hire drive-in

Two birds with one stone? Rent a complete DJ drive-in.

You like making music, but let’s face it you could do without all the organisational hassle. Did you know you can rent a complete drive-in? Receive everything you need at the location all at once and then all you have to do is focus on the tracks and beats. We also take care of setting up and dismantling, all for free.

DJ equipment The Hague

Rent your audio equipment and DJ gear.

You’ve landed a fantastic DJ gig, but you can already write off half your earnings since you still have to rent audio equipment and DJ gear. But don’t worry, it needn’t be that expensive. Rent everything you need for an evening on the decks from First Priority Music.

Rent light equipment The Hague

Want to really shine? Rent a light installation.

What about a lightshow to accompany your set? While of course the music comes first, we’ve personally yet to see a whole crowd lose it in fluorescent lighting. You'll only really get those feet on the floor with First Priority Music's laser lights, complete light sets and smoke machines.

buy DJ dear

If you no longer want to rent equipment, buy your own DJ gear.

If you’re getting more and more gigs, it might be high time to buy your own DJ gear. Light, sound, decks and accessories: you can buy everything a serious DJ needs for a complete show from our webshop at amazing value.

Great, you’re having a party!

A successful party comes down to three things: good sound, good light and great guests. You take care of the guests and we’ll help out with the rest.

Book a DJ

Book a DJ

Dance, trance, house, punk, hip-hop, dubstep or golden oldies? Book the best DJs at First Priority Music.

Rent a DJ drive-in

Rent a DJ drive-in

Your DJ can get to work right away with this fully equipped drive-in, including free set-up and dismantling.

Rent audio equipment

Rent audio equipment

Treat your guests to amazing sounds with First Priority Music’s DJ sets and sound systems.

Rent light for your events

Rent light for your events

Laser lights, smoke machines, complete light sets: lighting gives a party atmosphere. Rent lighting from First Priority Music.

Buying light and audio equipment

Buying light and audio equipment

First Priority Music sells light and audio equipment too! Our webshop offers a wide range of professional DJ equipment at the most competitive prices.

Contact us directly

Contact us directly

If you have any questions, just call or send us an e-mail. We'd be happy to help you out.

The first priority when planning a party is the music.

Since the age of 14, Maickel Hoogman – now 37 – has been hooked on light and sound technology. He has his first taste of DJing at school dances, and then he ventured out as a roadie for a light and audio equipment rental company. As Maickel clearly wasn’t a morning person, working into the late (and the early) hours suited him just fine.

He soon swapped the classroom for beach pavilions and event halls. Increasingly, he had to rely on all kinds of rental companies to get his DJ gear together, and hiring it proved quite an expensive business. It wasn’t long before he started wondering why he had to pick up and arrange the gear for each gig himself, as that’s fairly time-consuming if you have to play all through a night. He decided things could be improved

and so in 2007, Maickel founded First Priority Music. Along with his brother Febian and his good friend Rob Zoutenbier, he started hiring out and selling affordable DJ equipment, and he took care of transporting, setting up and dismantling the equipment himself.

It soon turned out he wasn’t the only DJ in need of a service such as this and First Priority Music's list of

customers swelled. The company now provides drive-inssound systems and light equipment throughout the Benelux; not just for DJs, but also for private individuals and companies organising an event.

From left to right: Febian, Mark, Rob, Maickel, Allard.

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